Quiet Slippers For Hardwood Floors and stone floors

Best Quiet Slippers for Hardwood Floors – [2022]

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Hardwood floors are part of an attractive addition to any home. A beautiful home is not perfect without hardwood floors. When you back home after a long day, all you want is to relax. You may need the best reliable, soft, and quiet slippers for the hardwood floors

But imagine it- walking into a hot, toasty home only to find out that walking on the floor is difficult. Any slipper you purchase feels hard and makes terrifying rigid sounds against the solid floor.

A comfy, light pair of slippers for your hard floor would do the trick. Don’t trouble, we have got you covered. Here are the 15 Best quiet slippers for hardwood floors for women and men in a different style for when you consider you need new comfortable slippers for home.

Top Pick For Quiet Slippers

We collected 15 pairs of quiet and noise-free slippers. But we collected the 3 most comfortable, supportable slippers which give you comfort and noise-free features for men and women.

Here is our 3 top pick for men and women for quiet slippers for stone floors in 2022:




 In a hurry? Consider the Quick Pick… 
Among these options, the ideal quiet slippers for hardwood floors is Crocs Unisex Mammoth EVO Lined Clog because the outstanding relief given by Crocs Clogs is combined with an especially smooth and furry lining for added convenience, cushioning. It combines shock absorption to reduce the stress on the heels.

Best Quiet Slippers for Stone Floors

Here we can provide a complete guide for Men and Women’s quiet slippers for special use on the hard floors, connect with us

1. Crocs Unisex Mammoth EVO Lined Clog

The Unisex gigantic EVA coated Crocs are clogs that you should absolutely consider getting if you’re looking for a matching pair of practical and durable slippers.

Crocs clogs have an unusually smooth and fuzzy interior that provides additional comfort, protection, and comfort against the cold. It improves shock absorption and reduces stress on the feet when walking on wooden floors, both inside and outside, by adding to their general comfort and support.

Your Mammoth clogs are a little too snug. can be kept clean and comfortable at all times thanks to the removable and machine-washable soft liner.

To avoid tripping on flooring materials or while climbing stairs, they feature a heel pad for improved fit and stability. If you prefer the traditional clog fit, you may always close his heel cup.

You won’t slip even on the smoothest and most polished floors in your house thanks to the durable outsole with a rough lug design. Crocs’ well-known softness and comfort are further enhanced by the completely fashioned signature Croslite material.

These slippers are a steal at a reasonable price. The Mammoth Unisex model from Crocs is a great alternative if you want a lot of slippers that you can use all year round, both at home and outside!

unisex Mammoth lined clog for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

Full-grain sheepskin with rubber soles
Sizing variation that is hypoallergenic
Comfy attention

2. Crocs Unisex Classic Lined Clog

Feelings of Coziness and Coziness. The Crocs Classic Clog is a fan favorite, and now you can get a pair with a cozy lining. keep the sensation continuing all winter. Indoors or out, the plush, fuzzy liner gives comfort and support.

A great slipper, but also a capable workhorse. Their lightweight and comfort are ensured by the Croslin foam structure. With the heel strap’s pivoting design, you can get a secure fit or simply shift it forward to get in and leave.

classic lined clog slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • Classic Clogs with a fuzzy liner for a short time
  • Particularly light and comfortable to put on
  • Increasing the level of security by rotating the heel straps
  • Customizable with JibbitzTM attractions for indoor or outdoor use
  • Crocs ComfortTM Double: Supportive to the nth degree. Soft. Comfortable cradling.

3. Crocs Unisex Coast Clog Slippers

It’s the clog that sparked a worldwide trend of comfort! The hilarious go-to comfort shoe that you’ll fall in love with again and over again.

The shore of Crocs Classic In addition to its iconic Crocs Luxury and a color for every personality, clogs invite you to be content in your own shoes for as long as you like. This is a low-cost pair of hardwood-friendly quiet slippers.

unisex coast clog for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • A style that’s simple to put on with a slip-on design.
  • It’s incredibly light and comfortable to put on.
  • Weightless, water-friendly, and easy to carry.
  • Croslite footbeds are extremely easy to clean and dry.
  • Comfort and support are provided by Croslite foam, which is used in the manufacturing of the chair.

4. Crocs Unisex Bistro Graphic Clog

Work in style with the Bistro Graphic Clogs. These comfortable shoes were created with the needs of food service, politeness, and healthcare employees in mind.

Slip-resistant crocs, a variety of color options, and extra security at the toes all work together to make you look and feel your best.

Bistro graphic clog slipper for hardwood floor
  • The sole is made of 100% Croslite Synthetic, and the shaft weighs around not applicable
  • Bistro clogs from Crocs are totally molded and can be washed with water and soap and dried quickly.

Features and Spec:

5. Crocs Unisex Bayaband Clog

For water, Crocs Bayaband Clog is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market This blockage weighs less and is more manageable. In addition to providing support, it has several holes for shoe ventilation. Indoors or out, it’s adaptable.

These Bayaband clogs are designed to keep your feet cool when you wear them for long periods of time at time. They’re super-lightweight, so they’re super-comfortable, and they also help you slip and slide.

Bayaband clog slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • Sole made of synthetic materials
  • The Bayaband Clog is a combination of the Crocband and the Baya.
  • Ventilation and long-term usability are also included.
  • You can rest assured that these Crocs for ladies and men will fit your foot perfectly thanks to their generous and roomy design.

Best Women’s Silent House Slippers for Hardwood Floors

Now check out the best house slippers for hardwood floors for women:

1. Alegria Women’s Debra Quiet Slippers

Slip the Debra on and go. For your comfort, this clog type has been designed in a closed-heel design. Stain-resistant top leather and non-slip bottoms are standard features on every pair of Debris. Slippers for tile flooring that are silent but provide all the comfort you need.

This clog features two rubber gores that allow it to fit you perfectly. If you have weak foot arches or bad posture, this can enable you to regain your balance and keep your feet in place for lengthy periods of time.

This can exacerbate an already taxing workweek by causing weariness and back pain. A special footbed consisting of silk, wood, and memory foam is the centerpiece of Debra’s comfort and support.

Algeria debra slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • The combination of leather and latex in this Slip-On ensures a higher level of support and durability.
  • In addition, it will include a Polyurethane bottom, which provides support from the bottom up.
  • These shoes are hand-stitched in the traditional manner.
  • A double rubber gore will make getting in and out of this garment a breeze.
  • Having a Stain-resistant upper, this shoe also provides support to the upper portion of the foot.
  • The insole of this shoe is made of suede leather, making it durable on the inside as well.

2. Acorn Women’s Forest Mule Slippers

For those with sensitive feet, Berber padding and the mental foam cushion help to keep them in place. As a result, the home slippers emphasize arch support and a larger heel.

The Acorn ladies’ backwoods donkey offers everything you’ve ever wanted in a shoe, from hand-sewn handmade, nature-inspired weaving to cloud pad flexible filling with a weatherproof sole.

Intricate critter stitching adds a dash of opulence, while the sturdy calfskin and flexible sole ensure they’ll last for years to come. These Acorns follow you from room to room, providing a cloud-like sense of security wherever you go.

Acorn forest mule slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • Users are drawn to it because of its eye-catching design.
  • Wearing and walking in this shoe is a breeze.
  • To make things even easier, these shoes can be washed and dried in the dishwasher.
  • These shoes also have a higher heel and back support for further convenience.

3. Women’s Natural Wool Slippers with Arch Support Insole

Made For You’s original wool slipper comes with arch support inserts and non-slip polyurethane bottoms to protect hardwood floors from scratches and dents. Slippers come in a wide range of colors and sizes for you to choose from. Because they are lighter, more controllable, and more comfortable to wear, they are a better option.

The arch insoles provide relaxation to the knees and numerous stress points. People who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, or heel aches might greatly benefit from these slippers because of their ability to lessen pain causes.

These slippers are made of 100% wool, which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. A simple and straightforward design makes it simple to put the slippers on and take them off.

They are hypoallergenic because of their fundamental nature, which means they were neither bleached nor stained during their growth. The slippers, on the other hand, will not harbor any odors, wetness, or bacteria.

natural wool women slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • It’s a cinch to put these on and take them off.
  • Rubber soles provide a secure grip on any surface.
  • In addition to being comfortable, this sneaker is also light in weight.
  • Arch insoles provide additional arch support.

4. BOBS from Skechers Women’s Keepsakes Ice Angel

Loyalty is one of the main advantages of well-known brands. Skechers’ Bobs slippers are among the most dependable on the market.

It’s also nice and warm, so you won’t have to deal with the cold weather. In addition, protect your shoes from the hardwood floor.

These wonderful slippers will keep you warm and toasty everywhere you go. With its faux fur interior and silent Memory Foam footbed, this slip-on casual comfort clog footwear has the smooth sweater knit fabric upper features.

Ice Angel slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • Indoor slippers that are comfortable and quiet.
  • The design is just stunning.
  • Wearing, washing, and drying this show is a breeze.
  • Easy to slip on and off.
  • It’s a good choice for the colder months.

5. Acorn Women’s Moc Slippers For Hard Floor

ACORN’s Moc slippers for women’s hardwood flooring are an excellent choice that you won’t regret making.

They may be worn all year round and come in a wide range of colors, fabrics, tastes, and styles, so you can choose a few that fit your unique preferences and style.

You won’t have to worry about slipping in these women’s slippers because the outsoles are constructed of high-quality rubber and will stay for a long time.

Moc uppers can be fashioned from a variety of materials, including Berber, wool, faux fur, or an extremely soft wool lining, depending on your personal taste and preferences. Even in the coldest months and on tile surfaces, these Mocs are an ideal alternative to barefoot usage.

Using Acorn Mocs outside is also an option. They are drop-resistant, and their moisture-wicking lining keeps your toes warm, comfortable, and sweat-free.

ACORN’s Cloud Cushion footbed is included on these slippers, giving you the sensation of walking on clouds. As a result, NASA astronauts have been donning ACORN suits in space since 1984. These in-house Mocs are going fast, so get your hands on a pair today!

Acorn slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • Solid rubber outsole for years of service
  • Weatherproof
  • The traction that resists slid
  • Slippers can be worn in a variety of ways.
  • Wearables for both indoors and outdoors

6. Acorn Women’s Chinchilla Collar

The memory foam inside these Acorn Chinchilla slippers helps to keep your feet warm even when it’s freezing outside. But these aren’t just for the winter; they’re also the ideal summer slippers.

These women’s slippers are super duper, flexible, supportive, and silent. Because of how comfortable chinchilla collars are, you’ll never ever want to take them off your dog.

The rubber outsole provides excellent traction both indoors and out, thanks to a fabric upper and a cozy inner.

chinchilla collar slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • For activities both inside and outside, they’re a go-to choice.
  • This can be worn, washed, and dried in a matter of minutes.
  • It’s a great fit for me.
  • Wearable in all weather conditions.
  • This is a slouchy slipper with a lot of giving.

Best Men’s Quiet House Slippers for Hardwood Floors

Now check out Men’s best house slippers for hardwood floor:

1. Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Scuffy Clog

Slippers International’s Men’s Scuffy Clog Slipper, the Tamarack, has received more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon, making it the most popular product of its kind. For the price, you’ll never find a more authentic men’s leather house slipper shoe.

To keep your toes toasty on the coldest evenings, they crafted leather uppers with fleece lined lining, a split toe zipper, and retention foam insoles with rubber bottoms. It’s a terrific pair of slippers for people who take long walks and make a lot of noise.

This is the best option if you want to participate in both outdoor and indoor activities. Scruffy Clog Slippers for Men are available in a wide range of hues.

Scuffy clog slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • These sets Give lasting relief.
  • Sole makes it good for outdoor and indoor usage. 
  • Pleasant clog heel Scuff.

2. Tamarac by Slippers International 7161 Men’s Camper Moccasin

Tamarac International Men’s Camper Moccasin is one of the best shoes. These slippers are very comfortable and made with pure leather.

Made with 100% leather which gives you comfort on a hard floor. Providing all-day comfort and even walking on the concrete floor. These moccasins give you comfort and support as you want.

Camper Moccasin slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • This product is 100% Leather.
  • It includes the Synthetic sole, very strong from the bottom.
  • Traditional moccasin slipper starring whipstitching at the toe and elastic indoor and outdoor sole.
  • Fuzzy faux-fur lining.
  • Raw leather throughout-the-collar lacing.

3. Fireside by Dearfoams Men’s Melbourne Shearling Moccasin

Your feet will feel comfortable and dry every step of the day with these Men’s Dearfoams Melbourne Shearling moccasin slippers. Their breathable lining gives you comfort and support all day. While their outsole is really quiet to give you quiet behavior. 

It contains moisture-wicking qualities also to provide you comfort and a sweat-free feeling. Their outsole not only quiet but also it is very durable. This is amazing pair for wearing indoors and outdoor.

Fireside moccasin slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • Leather is the only material used in this product.
  • Rubber is used to make the soles of these shoes.
  • Moisture is quickly absorbed and evaporated by sheepskin fibers, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day.
  • Indoors or out, these shoes provide excellent support and cushioning.

4. Men’s 80-D Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

If you have trouble putting on ordinary shoes because of foot edoema, peripheral neuropathy, buds, or other podiatric issues, these shoes are for you.

Memory foam with an 80-D density genuinely molds to your feet and preserves their shape. With 2 layers of supporting polymers and shock-absorbing EVA cushioning, these insoles give greater comfort and peaceful behavior because of their quiet soles. Memory foam insoles mold to your feet to ease foot tension.

Memory Foam Diabetic slipper for hardwood floor

Features and Spec:

  • A rubber bottom is all that is required.
  • Stability is increased with these shoes, which are aware of swollen feet.
  • Memory foam insoles conform to your foot to alleviate foot pain.
  • Because of the non-slip rubber outsole, you may wear these shoes both indoors and outdoors without fear of slipping.

Things To Remember For Noise Reducing Slippers

There are many patterns or factors that conclude whether the slipper is comfortable or not. But the important points which are identified from most of the customer’s requirement that is overall fit, inside, sole, and midsole quality, the stuff of the slippers, the volume of waste.  

All these features make footwear more convenient for the wearer. So when you are looking for the most suitable and anti-noise slippers for hardwood floors, those factors should be kept in mind.

Some Points You Remember To Buy Perfect Slippers

The stuff of the slipper

Yes, the material is the most overstated demand. But it is necessary! Keep a sharp eye on what the interiors of the slipper are made of. Stay away from sturdy materials.


It should have reliable soft sole slippers. You do not want to be slipping and sliding on your hardwood floor. You want a soft yet controllable grip as you walk. The insole and outsole are always good to have a glimpse at.

Amount of padding 

The padding inside the slippers creates a large difference. How to notice bad padding? You can put it on notice of what feels comfortable and can feel no tightness throughout your feet.

Overall fit

This one is a lot important. The slippers you wear might be the first thing you put on in the morning. That is why you must trust your gut. Go with what is calling you.

How do I make my slippers quieter?

Adding Duct or Thick Tape, Rubber or Silicone Pads, and Felt or Foam Pads to the bottom of your shoe. Also adding a thicker insole to the inside of the shoe or slipper will make it quieter. Normally these are the best ways to quiet your slippers as well.

What kind of shoes should you wear with hardwood floors?

The best option is using soft soles and rubber soles will help your slippers to keep quieter. The rubber also helps to get a good grip on the floor besides providing you a quiet behavior. Other types of soles may produce some noise. But soft and rubber soles do a great job.

Do slippers make your steps quieter?

Yes, slippers will help a lot to make your steps quieter. This is because most of the slippers contain felt or rubber soles which is very quiet on the hardwood floor. Besides it also gives a good grip by wearing slippers.

Are Crocs good for hardwood floors?

Crocs are extremely good for hardwood floors. This is because they have very good shock absorption properties, also they are very roomy and can work well on hardwood floors, and provide the wearer with a very quiet behavior.

Bottom Line

We collected these slippers according to some reviews on market and their features about comfort and support which will provide more comfort and noise-free characteristics.

In the end, we say that we suggested the top 15 quiet slippers for the hardwood floor. At the top, we suggested our top 3 picks for men and women.

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