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Best Tactical Boots for Police – [2022]

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In 2022, where will police officers find best tactical boots? So, let’s get this ball rolling. The glue that holds the community together is police officers and law enforcement specialists. They protect and serve the public, working hard hours merely to keep the public safe.

As a law enforcement officer, you’re reportedly given a lot of equipment to keep you safe while also helping you accomplish your job more efficiently. However, footwear is not always included in the standard-issue material package.

Anyone who works in law enforcement should invest in a pair of tactical boots. They’re designed to meet all of the unimaginable challenges you confront on a daily basis.

Whether you’re on patrol and walking in inclement weather or chasing after a criminal through unfamiliar area, the last thing on your mind should be how uncomfortable or unsuitable your boots are.

You’ll need a pair of high-quality tactical boots to complete your work, and they should be able to handle whatever the day throws at you. On the market, there are various options. When good financial decisions do exist, the majority of them will not help you while you are serving the public.

You must look beyond pricing to select the appropriate pair of tactical boots, and you must consider comfort, performance, and protection. Here is a list of 15 tactical boots that you should check out.

 Our Top Picks For You… 

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Among these options, the ideal tactical boot for police is Bates Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip Boot because these are the most comfortable boots while you standing, walking or running all day.

Best Tactical Boots For Police – Buying Guide

Here is our best picker 15 tactical boots for police, patrol, or law enforcement and you can wear this as dress shoes and also under the casual dress, Let’s see the best boots:

1. 5.11 Tactical ATAC Men’s Leather Boots

5.11 Tactical boots are well-known for their long-lasting quality, sturdiness, safety, and comfort, in addition to their secure closure mechanism. The Shock Mitigation technology, which is developed by the business, is available on a broad variety of police duty boots.

In terms of 5.11’s tactical police boots, the ATAC and XPRT are the most popular versions. We’ll discover why that is.

For this reason, and others, the ATAC is a perennial favorite among law enforcement officers, military personnel, and other tactical professionals looking for the finest police boots.

The ATAC’s battle-tested design is evident from the long shafts to the non-slip outsole. With the added mobility and the perfect weight, this boot is perfect for police work.

Having to stand all day is the worst thing that can happen to a police officer. 5.11’s ATAC boots have injection-molded Phylon midsoles that provide all the additional support you need. With the non-metallic shank attached, you’ll be able to stand all day long without becoming the slightest bit restless.

5.11 Tactical ATAC Mens Leather tactical boots for police


  • This is a strong, enduring, and satisfactory tactical boot
  • The slip-resistant sole extends unbelievable traction to most facades
  • These are great tactical police boots for running
  • The boot is entirely water-resistant
  • Leather and fabric development
  • Unique synthetic sole
  • Cushioning foam insole/Moisture-wicking lining
  • 6” high boot offers generous ankle support
  • Shock-reducing pattern
  • The individual boot weighs 1.7 lbs.
  • Cons: Not very good in intense warm weather
  • Cons: Not so much steel toe protection

2. Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Classic Side Zip Boot

Police tactical boots were first made by this company, which was one of the first to create such footwear. This outstanding pair of police boots are the result of all that hard work. Sturdy and supportive when worn, the Men’s Metro 9″ tactical side-zip boots are a great choice for the outdoors.

These boots are so comfy that you may wear them all day. They include a cushioned heel air cell and a molded phylon EVA midsole for added comfort. As you wear shoes, their non-marking rubber soles even provide some comfort.

This tactical boot is all about comfort and ease of use. Law enforcement officers have grown to rely on this type more than any other because of its plain look. The polishable leather and nylon uppers, which do not contain any metal, are another example of this convenience.

In light of this, airport police officers and federal building officials may easily stroll by metal detectors without causing any alarms or snaking sounds.

The side zipper on these pairs of tactical boots is a pleasant perk, making it easy to put on and take off. They’re also a pretty stylish pair of law enforcement boots.

Original S.W.A.T. Mens Classic Side Zip Work Boot


  • Good looks with a rugged edge.
  • The exterior is made of leather and nylon.
  • Cushioning heel air cell
  • Boots with side zips and a high ankle relief height of 9 inches
  • For added comfort, the EVA midsole is molded from phylon.
  • Each pair of these boots only has a hefty 1 lb. weight.
  • CONS: There isn’t enough protection for your toes.

3. Bates Men’s Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Boot

The uppers of Bates’ high-top boots are made of leather and cloth. The shaft has an 8-inch circle near the arch that provides excellent ankle and calf support. All the way up, laces are employed to present a bespoke fit.

Nonetheless, a side-zipper is included, allowing you to put the boots on in seconds. A removable insole adds to the comfort. A breathable lining helps to keep the sweat away.

It nearly feels like you’re wearing an athletic shoe while you’re wearing these leather/nylon boots. The replaceable inserts and breathable linings of these boots make them even more comfortable.

The police boots also have a thick rubber outsole that is slip-resistant.

Bates Mens Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot


  • Athletic boot with a lot of flexibility
  • Production is 70 percent leather and 30 percent nylon.
  • Breathable lining/cushioned detachable insert
  • 8″ high ankle boots with a side zip
  • Slip resistance is provided by the rubber sole.
  • Each weighs just over 1.2 lbs.
  • Cons: On some types of flooring, it can be a touch noisy.

4. Bates Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip Boot

The Bates Ultra-Lites GTX Waterproof police Boots weigh in at only 3 lbs. which is exceptionally nice if you’re continually on the move.

They are waterproof, so your feet will remain dry through puddles or wet rainy climates.  Created with full-grain ballistic nylon and leather uppermost and with a fully cushioned detachable insert inside, they give support and ample comfort during long wear.

The Ultra-Lites outsole prevents slips and gives great adhesion on numerous surfaces. This is a soft toe boot equipped with an easy side zip function permitting you to get your boots on and off immediately.

For these appropriate boots, we would suggest picking one size larger, as they tend to run smaller than average and they are not created for those with wide feet.

Bates Mens GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip Boot


  • The boot has a ridiculous construction that guarantees its durability
  • These are police waterproof boots
  • Molded EVA midsoles
  • The side zipper makes it straightforward to both wear and takes off the boots

5. Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Rts Tactical Boot

The Under Armour Valsetz is a lighter-in-weight tactical boot that appears as though it’s a cross between a tennis shoe and a work boot.

Especially, it would be perfect for infantry use of restriction courses as it offers versatility and foot-strike supervision that allows you to quickly transition from impact to propulsion.  This Police also presents ample shock absorption and superior cushioning for your feet, especially in the heel and forefoot area.

The fully contoured EVA midsole adapts to your foot and cushions in just the right places, plus an Ortholite sock liner is stressed for even more cushioning and less slippage of the heel.

The lining of these boots is breathable and water-resistant, yet, the outside of the boot is water-resistant but not perfectly waterproof.  With an extra water-resistant statement, the boots will be better protected from the components.

Correspondingly important is the on and off-road traction given by the rubber outsole, it’s also implemented with a textured, high-abrasion rubber toe to further shield your feet.

Under Armour Mens Valsetz Rts 1.5 Military and Tactical Boot


  • Micro G foam cushioning
  • Proprietary ClutchFit technology
  • Breathable and water-repellant
  • 7” high boots help the ankle too
  • Low-profile rubber bottom
  • Each boot weighs just over 2 lbs.
  • This is a light-in-weight and waterproof pair of tactical boots
  • The outsole is made using rubber thus contributing improbable traction across the largest surfaces
  • The shoes are convenient to wear.
  • Cons: Not a completely waterproof boot

6. Magnum Men’s Stealth Force 6.0 SZ Boot

If you are always putting your life in danger to save others like police and military duty people, then you need suitable boots to protect your feet. That ridiculous pair of tactical boots is none other than the Men’s Stealth Force 6.0 by Magnum.

The sturdy and tough boots come with a rubber outsole, a remarkably comfortable EVA midsole, as well as a sheepskin top to warrant that your feet have ample support, comfort, and protection. The EVA midsole also carries added underfoot sleekness, therefore assuring that your feet do not feel the ground impact.

Other unbelievable characteristics of these high gloss police boots introduce the YKK rounded zippers that allow for easy wear and removal of the boots and the composite shanks that allow support to your arches whilst preventing foot fatigue and strain.

Also carried on these boots are nylon mesh panels (at the topmost part) that improve ventilation as well as breathability.

The main thing that we especially dislike about these boots is their slim fit. Other than that they are a fabulous pair.

Magnum Mens Stealth Force 6.0 SZ Composite Toe Boot


  • These are long-lasting as well as highly breathable tactical boots
  • Their great-traction rubber outsole is proficient in handling all kinds of terrain
  • These shoes are water-resistant
  • Greatly stylish
  • Union leather/nylon external construction
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable lining
  • 8” high over the-ankle boots for comfort
  • Steel shank heal support
  • Each boot weighs only 1.3 lbs.
  • Cons: The boots have a stiff and narrow fit

7. TACTICAL RESEARCH Men’s Khyber Side-Zip Tactical Boot

Well, most of the other days are super fast-paced. There are times when you will be faced with what seems like weeks of hard action policing duty that involves fighting, chasing, retreating, and of course, overcoming an attacker.

It’s not police ruthlessness if it’s self-defense or suspect pacification. And with the Belleville TR960Z Tactical Research Khyber boots, Police work never looked so damn superb.

The Belleville TR960Z Boots are made with the most premium and most enduring leather known to man. Forget pigskin or goad hide; we’re discussing full-out, full-on, full-grain cowhide leather that is superintended to last many lifetimes.

And just like a tank, you still need some moveable quarters for maneuverability. The rock hard leather uppers consolidate a little nylon fabric here and there for just the right amount of elasticity.

We’re not saying that these are not some of the most basic compounds that policemen find themselves battling, but you’d be astonished just how many different types of chemicals coppers run into. Luckily, the Belleville TR960Z Tactical Boots are ASTM rated and certified as oil, petrol, and lubricant resistant.

TACTICAL RESEARCH TR Men's Khyber Best Tactical Boots for Police


  • Men’s Waterproof Side Zipper Black Duty Boot
  • 100% cowhide leather and nylon fabric top
  • Side zipper entrance with mildewed safety overlay
  • Full-grain cowhide leather & nylon fabric upper
  • Soft, shock-absorbent EVA midsole
  • Low profile sole decreases weight & improves mobility
  • Sharp angled lugs and defined heel maximize traction
  • Extremely breathable Air Mesh moisture-wicking lining

8. Danner Men’s Lookout Side-Zip Black Tactical Boot

It’s not very often that you see a solidly built side-zip boot that is super comfortable to wear too, but Danner has managed to do just that with this tactical boot. It’s also a good looking 8” high over the ankle boot whose black color will go great with any uniform you pair it with.

Part of these police boots’ unbelievable comfort is Danner’s proprietary comfort system. That system features such things as a dual-density footbed and strategically placed material that allows superior airflow.

Adding to the durability of this tactical boot is its full-grain leather and tear-resistant ballistic nylon top. Its rubber bottom is also intended to add a good measure of slip revolution as you go across any type of surface too.

Danner Mens Lookout Side-Zip Black Military & Tactical Boot


  • Excellent airflow
  • Full-grain leather/Ballistic Nylon upper
  • Exclusive comfort system w/dual-density footbed
  • 8” high ankle relief boots
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole
  • These side-zip boots weigh just over 1 ½  pounds each
  • Cons: Lightly insulated

9. Danner Men’s Tachyon GTX Duty Boot

Full-grain waterproof leather and a Gore-Tex inner designed to keep your feet dry and warm when the weather or environment are not are the features of the Danner Tachyon GTX Duty boots.

With an EVA midsole for cushioning and shock absorption, these boots will absorb the brunt of the impact rather than your feet, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. In addition, a polyurethane footbed with enough ventilation is highlighted.

A speed lace-up system with long-lasting brass hardware provides ample comfort while enabling you to get the boots on and off fast.  In summation, the outsoles are rubber with pentagonal lugs for excellent traction and facade contact.

Police often like the option to polish their boots and this appropriate brand emphasizes a polishable toe that can be shined to suit inspection.

Danner Mens Tachyon GTX Duty tactical boot for police


  • The shoes are made using 100 percent leather which guarantees their durability
  • The boots highlight a waterproof design
  • Molded EVA midsoles
  • The boot’s footbed allows great shock absorption

10. Danner Men’s Acadia Boot

Are you in the research of both suitable as well as durable police boots? If that is the case then you’ll be fascinated by this special pair by Danner. These boots are extremely durable, convenient, slip-resistant, and most influential of all, they will make sure that your feet are continuously fresh and odor-free all through.

By buying this pair of Danner police boots, you will not only be investing in sturdiness, protection, and security but also supreme comfort for your feet.

This is really a complete package; what more could one want from their police boots? This footwear feels more like sneakers that carry the most powerful comfort levels, thus making your demanding day better.

In extension, the top-quality leather used in the production of these boots makes them pretty durable. You can wear these boots for many seasons before they finally wear out. And the greatest part is that these boots are breathable thus guaranteeing that your feet are constantly dry and comfortable all through.

With these boots, you don’t have to worry about the surface you are walking on thanks to the slip-resistant outsole. The outsole presents the traction needed to ensure your stability on the ground.

This pair, though, has two main shortcomings. It is expensive and it stresses a stiff pattern.

Would you like to spend your money on a pair of boots that will help you for several years to come? Most seemingly yes. You will not regret investing your cash in these boots.

Danner Mens Acadia Boot


  • These boots emphasize a scratch-resistant shaft that guarantees the protection of your feet
  • The slip-resistant outsole guarantees your stability on slippery grounds
  • Molded EVA midsole
  • Highly Waterproof
  • Slip-resistant and water-resistant
  • Pricey Boot

11. GARMONT T 8 NFS 670 Tactical Boots for Police

If you’re seeing for a pair of boots that can serve you well in dry outdoor circumstances, view this option from Garmont. Rather than a staunch black facade, these boots feature a desert color design.

They’re made out of enduring suede and have a manageable rubber sole. Breathable panels are located throughout the surface, assuring that your feet stay dry as you work.

The boots are created to fit the contours of your foot effortlessly. As a consequence, they feel natural and available for anything.

GARMONT T 8 NFS 670 Best Tactical Boots for Police


  • Upper: 1.6 – 1.8 mm suede calfskin, 600D nylon, Nylon webbing
  • Rocklike eyelets closed hooks and ball transporting hardware at the instep
  • Canvas coatings
  • Durable upper construction offers superior breathability and ventilation
  • Quick-drying substances are suitable for an amphibious environment or much-wet climate
  • Zero optical refrac

12. Rocky S2V Predator Tactical Boots for Police

Excellent police and military footwear, the Rocky® S2V Predator Military Boot can survive even the most extreme situations. This boot may be worn with any qualified Operational Camouflage Ornament variant and is uniform-compliant in locations that need a GSA/TAA subordinate boot.

The leather and 1,000-denier CORDURA® nylon in this combat boot are both PTFE-coated for fire resistance.

You can “walk them dry” in seconds with high-level S2V Sieve technology sewage ventilators that circulate air and force water out. Roll-Stop Ankle Stability ensures that the triple-stitched military boot retains its structural integrity and decreases the risk of ankle fractures.

The tongue is made of LYCRA®, a material that stretches to fit your foot snugly. This military boot has a Vibram® sole with high walls and a polyurethane midsole. The footwear is an excellent boot because of its internal qualities. Moisture is driven away by the Dri-Lex® lining.

Rocky® Air-PortTM footbeds are cushioned and include airflow perforations to keep your feet cool and comfortable. Anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties of the Aegis microbe shield are provided on the footbed. The fiberglass shank provides support for your foot’s arch. If you’re looking for police or military boot that’s comfortable and reliable, go no further than the Rocky S2V Tactical Military Boot.

Rocky S2V Predator Boot


  • Authorized for wear with Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) uniform
  • AR 670-1 and AFI 36-2903 compliant
  • Lessen damages with Roll-Stop Ankle Stability
  • Advanced S2V Sieve technology circulates air in and water out
  • Same sturdy performance with 10% less weight
  • Flash- and water-resistant sheepskin
  • PTFE Coated for FR
  • Aegis Microbe shield lining
  • Lycra Tongue for added comfort
  • Fiberglass Shank
  • GSA Compliant
  • Vibram outsole

13. Rocky Men Paraboot 2095 Tactical Boots

The Unforgiving Police Work However, despite the term “Men’s Modern Paraboot,” the concept goes back to an earlier era when police officers were seen as the ultimate enforcers of the law.

With these boots, it’s impossible to ignore the retro-inspired design. You can’t go wrong with a design that has been around since the Fifties, from the 10 inch shaft to the cap toe.

If officers are making a message with their uniforms, it’s that you shouldn’t meddle with the law. A battalion of Riot Squad Police officers would wear the Rocky Duty Paraboot to put down a strike.

It’s not only that the shaft is 10 inches long; it also has a proprietary toe cover that helps protect your feet from harm (and dishes it out). When it comes to being ready to get your hands filthy at any given moment, nothing beats it.

Although they seem like fluffy slippers, the Rocky Duty Men’s Modern Paraboot isn’t made to feel like that. In my opinion, they have the most meticulous Goodyear Welt development I’ve ever come across.

However, every officer worth his salt and on any street knows to take comfort in what you can obtain. Good internal comfort technology in the Rocky Paraboots includes a heel contour that helps your foot fit securely.

Rocky Mens Paraboot Boot


  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Leather with a polished toe, full-grain, water-resistant sheepskin
  • Goodyear welt construction and a molded EVA footbed are interchangeable
  • A stabilizer that is not metallic
  • Rubber lugs that can be replaced.
  • Side zip, 200g Thinsulate, Rocky waterproof

14. Adidas Men’s GSG-9.2 Tactical Boots

Leave it to Adidas the fine sports shoe manufacturer to come up with a mid-high tactical boot that is hard yet wears more like sneakers. They have a durable leather/nylon/suede outer framework that helps keep them lightweight (1.6 lbs.), adds abrasion resistance and gives them a touch of style too.

What makes the Adidas Men’s GSG-9.3 Tactical Boot so comfortable? It has everything to do with such innovative characteristics as their breathable OrthoLite sock liners and step-in cushioning that wraps around your feet as you wear these police boots. They are very nice police boots to wear during the sunnier months.

One of the other excellent features of these Adidas tactical boots is their very high traction rubber sole. No matter what surface you are running or walking across these boots will give you more traction than regular boot soles will.

adidas Mens GSG-9.7 Tactical Boot


  • Convenient like a sneaker
  • Leather/nylon/suede outer construction
  • OrthoLite sock liners
  • 8” Mid-high joint support
  • High traction rubber sole
  • These boots weigh 1.6 lbs. each
  • Cons: Durability issues in rigid environments

15. Thorogood Men Gen-flex2 Series Tactical Side Zip Boot

Ah yes, another perfect throwback to the legendary officer’s boots. The only distinction is that the Thorogood Men’s 8″ Side Zip Jump Boot combines a bountiful touch of modernism. These tactical boots not only look damn fabulous but they also up your performance up a notch. Let’s have a closer look at this wonderful boot.

By flawless, I mean damn superb and completely flawless police boots. If you’ve ever served in security or any other uniformed service, then you know that you are needed to be at your very best all day long.

The Thorogood Duty Boots have impressive black leather and a smooth high shining toe cap that lets you stand out with authority.

The mere fact that the Thorogood Men’s 8″ Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-flex is manufactured using Goodyear Welt construction makes them some beautiful tough SOBs. Connect that with abrasion-resistant outsoles and a composite shank underneath, and you have a near-impenetrable police boot.

Thorogood Mens Gen flex2 Series Tactical boot for police


  • Made of 100% leather that is tanned with oil for a polished toe and heel
  • The thick-skulled rubber sole is created to be slip-resistant and leaves no marks
  • Ankle-high fit sizes 8.5 inches from arch with about a 1-inch heel
  • Mesh padding concedes feet to breathe and wicks away condensation
  • Footbed crafted out of cushioned polyurethane that can be eliminated
  • Constructed with an extra-wide Storm welt for extra moisture shelter
  • The closure involves a side zipper and hooks and a loop

Shopping for Best Tactical Boots for Police Online

If you live in a provincial area or are continually finding yourself stating “I cannot find tactical work boots near me,” then shopping online may be your only choice.

If this is the case you must be careful about what you buy because you will be helpless to try the duty boots on before you make your purchase, but it is a lot of option to look at the boots, check the specifications and then go to the purchase according to your budget.

Look for suggestions from fellow officers or analysis online reviews that come from verified buyers. But do grasp in mind that overall comfort and fit will always be subjective.

To find the best Tactical Boots online you need to spend close attention to the duty boot’s technical innovations. Check the boot’s insole and midsole features and make sure they offer some arch support to block foot tiredness.

Look for police boots that state they have good shock absorption and an energy rebound regularity, which will help propel you forward and that will reinvigorate the feet.

How to Clean & maintain Police Boots?

Some of the higher-end police boots can set you back several hundred dollars or even more. When you invest that much money on a product, you want to be sure you keep it in good working order.

To learn how to do this, we’ll provide you with fascinating information on how to care for your new tactical boots. That way, you’ll be able to use them for a long time before having to replace them.

Here are some suggestions for polishing, washing, and cleaning your shoes:

1- Allow your boots to break in around the home for a few days before wearing them out in the field. When you initially wear them out on the work, this will make them more comfortable.

2- Take off your boots every day. When dirt, mud, and other substances are left on your boots, the material they’re comprised of dries up and degrades faster.

3- Keep your footwear dry at all times. This makes the material they’re constructed of stay longer, and it also prevents them from smelling, which is a significant plus.

4– Treat the boot matter on a regular basis. In the footwear industry, there are a plethora of lotions, oils, and other shoe remedies that can help extend the life of your boot. This is especially true if your boots are made of materials like leather or suede. The manufacturer’s instructions will usually teach you how to care for your police boots specifically.

5- Keep lubricant, oils, and petroleum-based items away from the soles. It’s also a good idea to clean and rinse your outsoles at least once a week. This is because petroleum-based compounds and grease can degrade the outsole of your police boot if they are exposed to them for an extended period of time.

We guarantee that if you take the time to follow these simple procedures, your new tactical boots will last far longer than you expected.

One Final Thought

Our top pick is Bates Men’s Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Boot. It is our suggestion, but consider what works best for you in your appropriate line of work.

In an intimate survey done of New Jersey police officers, the majority opted to purchase varied pairs of less costly tactical shoes, over more expensive high-end models, because the job is so tough on their footwear.

The officers cited that; while the shoe’s performance on the job is surely key, they did not deem it practical to pay them more money on all the bells and whistles that come with the very costly hi-end styles.


In their rough line of work, the uppers and the outsoles of their duty boots will always wear out greatly fast. By the time the shoe’s comfort starts to wear thin, the officers are ready to toss out that set of boots nevertheless, so spending in a police boot with a higher-end comfort method would just have been a waste of money.

Rather, they want to just toss out the worn-out pair and start wearing the new, second pair that they bought, and enjoy the greatest comfort the brand new pair has to offer.

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